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Posted by on Dec 21, 2017 in Marijuana Dispensary Branding | 0 comments

Things that affect your medicine storage

Things that affect your medicine storage

The drug is a chemical compound that has a unique character whose name is stability. If the drug is in stable condition, there will be no change in both chemical and physical structures. Drugs in stable conditions can provide the maximum therapeutic effect. Conversely, when the drug is in an unstable condition, chemically and physically the drug will change. Meanwhile, you can also check out the licensed marijuana dispensary branding, if you wish to have a good place to store your medicinal marijuana.

Instability can be caused by temperature, humidity, or unsuitable light conditions during storage. What will happen if the drug is in an unstable condition? Many! The effects of the therapy may decrease, the side effects may increase, and the expiration time may be reduced from the ones mentioned on the package. Hmm, that’s very damaging, is not it? I am sure, the problem of drug storage at home is not only faced by my family but also you.

Surely you do not want dong, the drug you consume is not the maximum work just because you are wrong in the storage? If so, let’s take a look at the good drug storage steps below!

Note the Required Storage Conditions

The temperature and storage required for each drug vary, and it must be listed in the package. If viewed in terms of storage temperature, there are generally two conditions of drug storage: cold temperature and room temperature.

Cold temperature

The cold temperature is usually at a temperature of 2 to 8 ° Celsius, more or less the same as your refrigerator (not your freezer!) Temperature at home.

Room temperature

Room temperature typically ranges from 15 to 30 ° C.

Store in a Cool and Sheltered Place from Light

If the drug is stored at room temperature, there is usually also a description of ‘store in a cool and protected from light’. This means, choose a place in your home that moisture is not too high, and not exposed to direct sunlight. So please, do not put the medicine on the window sills (this I usually find in the boarding rooms), in the closet above the bathroom sink, or in the corner of the unreachable cupboard. If you choose to keep it in a cabinet or cabinet or rack, make sure the place has good air circulation.

Save Drugs In Original Packaging

I met a lot of patients who took the drugs out of their primary packaging, then put them in pill boxes or other containers. My advice hell, this should be avoided. Packaging alias packaging of a drug was made not only consider the aesthetic value, but also the element of maintaining the stability that I described earlier, you know! Even in medical factories, there must be a separate department called Packaging Development, whose job is to find the best way of packing medicine. A bottle of chocolate or clear bottle, made of glass or PVC plastic, in an aluminum blister or polycellonium strip, all of which have a specific purpose and purpose. Therefore, always keep the medicine properly in its original packaging. If the drug is out of its original packaging, its stability is likely to change as well. Back again to my explanation above, if the drug is in an unstable condition then the effect of therapy can be decreased and side effects may increase. If you want to store in a pill box for example, just cut into pieces packaging medicine to the individual dose, without having to remove it.

Notice the Expired Date and Time Beyond Use Date.
Questioning the time limit to when the drug can be used, there are two terms that we need to know, ie the expiration date and time may be used.


The definition of the expiry date according to the Indonesian Pharmacopoeia, the ‘holy book’ of reference of all pharmacists in Greater Indonesia, is the period of time that the medicinal material is expected to meet the monograph requirements at the prescribed storage conditions. So beyond the expiration date, a drug may be ineligible. For example, the content of the active substance has been reduced. If the active substance is reduced, then most likely the drug will not give the maximum effect in treating the disease.

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