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 Joint Promotion: Xbox Live Fan & Admin Promotion
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From 12th August 2013 to 30th November 2013, XboxLiveFan.org and AdminPromotion.net will be teaming up and running a Joint Promotion where earning on one forum, can benefit you on both, or indeed, earning on both, can benefit you on either one. Please read through this page where you will find all the information about our Joint Promotion including the Exchange Rates for transferring forum cash between XLF & AP, and you can also read the Terms & Conditions at the bottom. You can reply on the "XLF / AP Joint Promo Feedback" topic with any thoughts and/or questions you may have.

 Joint Promotion: Information 

  During The Joint Promotion, You Can ..
    ... Exchange Your XLF$ here on XboxLiveFan.org into AP$ over on AdminPromotion.net
    ... Exchange Your AP$ over on AdminPromotion.net into XLF$ here on XboxLiveFan.org.
    ... Win Coupons For Both AdminPromotion.net & XboxLiveFan.org On Both Forums.

XLF$ to AP$

AP$ to XLF$

1.00 XLF$ = 0.25 AP$
Minimum Per Transfer: 100.00 XLF$

    Perform These Steps Here On XboxLiveFan.org
    Step 1A: Donate XLF$ To SeanFace101
    Step 1B: Quote "I Want To Change This To AP$"
    Step 1C: Add Link To Your AP Profile
    Step 2:   Wait For Reply(Within 24hrs)
    You will also be contacted over on AdminPromotion.net

0.25 AP$ = 1.00 XLF$
Minimum Per Transfer: 25.00 AP$

    Perform These Steps Over On AdminPromotion.net
    Step 1A: Donate AP$ To Pete T
    Step 1B: Quote "I Want To Change This To XLF$"
    Step 1C: Add Link To Your XLF Profile
    Step 2:   Wait For Reply(Within 24hrs)
    You will also be contacted here on XboxLiveFan.org

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 Benefits Of Exchanging XLF$ / AP$ 

What You Can Buy With XLF$

What You Can Buy With AP$

Products / Services
Keyrings & Key Accessories
Microsoft Kinect Games
Mobile, PDA & Music Accessories
PC / Laptop Accessories
PC / Laptop Games
Xbox 360 Accessories
Xbox 360 Games
Xbox 360 Controller Mod Parts
Xbox 360 Modding Tools

More Ways To Use Your XLF$
XLF$ Lottery
XLF$ Exchanges

Products / Services
Forum Posts
On-Site Advertising: Header Links
On-Site Advertising: Footer Links
On-Site Advertising: Side Bar Banner Ads
Website Reviews

More Ways To Use Your AP$
AP$ Lottery
AP Exchange Centre

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 Joint Promotion: Terms & Conditions 

The exact start date and end date for this joint promotion is 8:00pm (19:00) 12th August 2013 to 8:00pm (19:00) 30th November 2013 (United Kingdom Time). All members of both XboxLiveFan.org and AdminPromotion.net are involved in this promotion and there is no need to apply to be entered. You can also exhange XLF$ / AP$ that you have earned before this joint promotion started. Each member that exchanges cash between forums will be entered into each prize draw only once, the winners of the prize draws will be drawn using Random.org and be contacted by private message on both forums. If at the end of this joint promotion, there are 2 or more members that are in first place for the competitions "Member That Has Exchanged Cash Between Forums The Most Amount Of Times" & "Member That Has Exchanged The Highest Amount Of Forum Cash In 1 Transfer", then multiple prizes will be given, leaderboard details for both of these competitions will Not be revealed until after they are finished, the winners will be contacted on the forum which is relevant to the prize that is won. The 2 XLF members and 2 AP members that are choosen at random for the 4 prizes listed will be announced at the end of this joint promotion, if for any reason one of the members choosen can not use the prize or dont want it, another member will be picked. All discount coupons won for the XLF Cash Shop is subject to normal order requirements and given expiry dates. Any tickets for won for the XLF Cash Lottery are for the December 2013 Draw. If you sign up to AdminPromotion.net from here, then please be aware that you read their Rules as they may be different in some areas. Although getting a Warning or Ban over on AdminPromotion.net will not mean you get one here, but if the reason for your actions and punishment there is considered a serious matter, then you may face consequences here on XboxLiveFan.org. You are Not allowed to create multiple accounts on either forum.

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